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Night Bright Pearl

There is a magical new stone being made available to us at a most wondrous time and is also know as Night Bright Pearl. Known before only to Royals of the East, this mysterious stone has been rebirthed in a new and magnificent way.

After decades of research, three Chinese scientists learned how to alchemize the Rare Earths found in Ancient Ye Ming Zhu (primarily Lanthanum, Europium, and Dysprosium) to create Modern Ye Ming Zhu. Ye Ming Zhu has a very high concentration of Rare Earth Minerals.

Ye Ming Zhu has been alchemized (man made) from the rare earth elements found in the stones once known only to Kings. Such discovery is an alchemist's dream and a fantastical experience for the metaphysicians who recognize the treasures this glowing stone holds within its ability to metamorphoses light.

Yeh Ming Zhu brings wealth, health, happiness, and good fortune. Its rare concentration of minerals such as Ruby, Sapphire, and Diamond like crystalline structure which causes it to glow. It increases abilities such as intuition, clairvoyant, mediumship, channeling, clairsentient, and more. Yeh Ming Zhu clears energy blockages and restores the Qi through meridians which strengthen the aura, increases creativity, raiser our vibration, balances our energies and brain activity for the ultimate performance.

Ye (Night), Ming (Bright), Zhu (Pearl) is a rare photo-luminescent earth crystal that is able to absorb energy (light, heat, Qi or life force energy), stores it and changes it into beneficial energy.

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