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Updated: Jun 12

Creedite is a high energy stone that is known for its ability to attune one to higher spiritual vibrations. It uplifts one's vibrations so that they may experience higher realms, channel messages, and attune to universal wisdom. Through this attunement, Creedite can enhance spiritual communication on all levels, assisting in attunement with the Akashic Records and helping to interpret the messages from your spirit guides. Creedite aids greatly in understanding the abstract communications that often come with higher realm experiences, making it an excellent ally for those looking to gain a further understanding of the messages and wisdom they are receiving. This is is especially effective for those who are embarking on new spiritual journeys or who are unfamiliar with crystals as it expands one's sensitivity to energy and overall awareness. This stone provides one with the spiritual and mental clarity needed to move to higher frequencies and levels of understanding in all aspects of existence.

Creedite crystals possess fire energy, which emulates warmth, charisma, and passion. Spiritual practitioners often use Creedite for facilitating meditation or out-of-body experiences, along with channeling spirits to interpret the meaning of messages like those in tarot readings.


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