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Crystal Grids 101

Updated: Jun 9

What are crystal grids ?

A crystal grid is a grouping of crystals and stones that are purposefully arranged in a certain pattern in order to activate and amplify our intentions. When crystals and stones are placed in proximity to one another, especially when lined up in a sacred geometric shape, they enhance each other’s properties and can transmit powerful energetic vibrations as a result. So, if there is something we’re looking to manifest in our lives, be it a circumstance we’d like to attract or a quality we’d like to expand upon, we can set up a crystal grid to help us with those intentions.   

It doesn’t matter what our particular intention may be. Crystal grids can be set up to call in a romantic relationship, increased prosperity, positive energy within your home, or an overall feeling of mental clarity. Whatever you desire, you can utilize the natural healing and magical properties of crystals to assist you with your intentions.

How do you make a crystal grid ?

The first thing you’ll need to decide is what you’d like this crystal grid to help you with. What sort of situation would you like to manifest? What type of energy would you like to activate in your life?

Once you have an idea of what this would be, you’ll then choose crystals and stones which represent that type of energy. For example, if you’re creating a love grid to help you call in and express more love in your life, you may want to find stones that resonate with the heart chakra, such as Rose Quartz, Emerald, or Pink Mangano Calcite. Trust your intuition when picking out your crystals and stones. You can keep it simple, perhaps only choosing a few for your grid, or you can use as many as you’d like. Either way, you’ll want to find the one crystal which will serve as the center piece of your crystal grid. People will often choose a generator for their center piece (a crystal with a solid base and a terminated point) as this shape tends to naturally direct energy. Clear Quartz is often used at the center of a crystal grid, as it is a very high vibrational crystal which amplifies the other energies surrounding it.

Considering what crystals to put in your grid is similar to deciding what ingredients to cook with when making a dish; you want to find complementary elements which will work together in order to deliver the best (and most delicious) result, so that your intended energy is amplified (and your particular craving is satisfied)! 

Once you have your stones picked out, you’ll also want to choose what sort of pattern you’ll be arranging them in. You can find a sacred geometric pattern or you can choose a shape associated with the type of intention you seek to amplify. For example, if you’re creating a crystal grid to boost your self confidence, perhaps you’d set up your crystal grid in the pattern of a sun. You could place your Clear Quartz center crystal or generator in the middle of the grid and then arrange the rest of your crystals (such as Tigers Eye, Onyx, Citrine or Carnelian) in lines projecting out like the sun’s rays. There are many places where you can find template patterns, like the Flower of Life symbol or other sacred geometry patterns. These may be printed out on paper, fabric, or some other material surface. You can also, of course, arrange your grid intuitively and without a template.

In addition to crystals and stones, you can add other meaningful items to your grid, such as flower petals, herbs, talismans, or words and phrases related to your desired manifestations.

Where do you keep your crystal grid ?

Many people will set their crystal grid up on an altar or some sort of sacred space in their home. However, any area will do as long as it is somewhere out of the way, where your grid will not get moved or messed around with by others.

How do you set up your crystal grid ?

When you’re ready to set up your grid, you’ll want to treat it like a magical ritual and create some sacred space for yourself. Take a minute to meditate and get clear on your intention. You may want to write down this intention or speak it aloud. For example, if you’re setting up a grid of Pyrite and Citrine because you’re calling in more joy and positivity in your life, then you would write or state your intention aloud: “With the help of these crystals, I am calling in more joy and positivity in my life.”

Beginning with your center crystal or generator, you’ll want to lay your stones out in the pattern you choose; in the order that you intuitively feel guided to lay them out. Take your time with this and be deliberate with your energy; perhaps holding each crystal in your dominant hand and saying a silent or audible “thank you” as you arrange them into their pattern.

Next, you’ll want to activate your crystals or “turn on” the grid’s power. You can do this with a Clear Quartz point, a crystal wand, or even your pointed finger, as this sort of shape will help direct the energy while connecting all of your stones.

Start with the center crystal and trace the pattern of your grid in whatever way feels optimal for you, touching each stone in the process. As you activate your grid, affirm your intention once more. State it in the affirmative as if you’ve already manifested your desire. For example, with your joy and positivity grid, you might say, “I am happy, joyful, and a positive presence in the world.”

Once your grid is activated, express your gratitude for the crystals; knowing and trusting that they are working on your behalf to amplify your intentions. You can keep your grid set up for as long as you’d like. You may have to occasionally dust or clean the area around your grid, but it can remain in the same spot for as long as it takes to manifest your desired circumstances! Each time you walk by your crystal grid, express your appreciation and once again affirm your intentions as if they’ve already come true. 


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