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The Story of Remnants of Magic

Loudoun County’s premiere metaphysical store and crystal gallery; one local man’s passion turns into a successful (and beautiful) storefront!

Remnants of Magic, Crystal Gallery and Gifts

Remnants of Magic reminds us that there still is some magic left in the world. This mesmerizing store is an eclectic feast for the eyes and the soul. A hidden gem in Loudoun County, with the largest selection of crystals and mineral specimens in Virginia.

It was started fifteen years ago by Matthew Sullivan and his husband, Patrick Murray. Both men are Virginia Natives. They first started Remnants of Magic out of their home, selling online and at holistic tradeshows up and down the east coast.

The business grew and so did Matthew’s repertoire of stunning hand-made wire wrapped crystal jewelry. They have captivated jewelry enthusiasts as well as avid crystal collectors due to their unique beauty. His pieces have been sold all over the world and after years of traveling and encouragement Matthew and Patrick decided to open a physical location expanding their brand and passion.

Located in Loudoun’s Countryside Shopping center, Remnants of Magic’s mission is to help you experience the beauty of crystals and their uses for personal enjoyment, collection, energy healing, reiki, feng-shui, and meditation. Stop by our store and unlock the magic within you!


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