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White Sage Bundle - Sustainably Sourced - Ethically Harvested 


 The Most Popular Type of Sage to Smudge With: Burning Sage, or "Smudging", is an ancient practice that has been used for thousands of years. This bundle of white sage will provide different ways to smudge your home, a person or an object. Smudging has many mental, physical & spiritual benefits.

 Perfect For New Homes: Clear away any negative energy in your new house and make it yours! Your home will always be a part of you so don't wait to bring in that positive energy right away with a good cleanse!


 Great For Allergies: Burning Sage has been proven to kill 94% of bacteria in the air as well as burning off allergens. Use it as an incense to burn for pure fresh air for comfortable living.


***Abalone Shell sold separately***

White Sage smudge Stick 4 inches