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Check out this stunning magicaly inspired pendant in sterling silver. 

This gorgeous pendant is designed exclusively by Remnants of Magic and has a faceted blue Topaz and Spiny Oyster Turquise and copper in the center. 

This Pendant messures 2 inches. The silver chain sold separately.

Spiny Oyster Turquise Copper and Blue Topaz Mystics Dream Collection pendant

  • Turquoise aids in communication to flow smoothly. It is good for the throat chakra and can also assist in opening up the heart chakra. Turquoise relieves stress and also balances the chakras.

    It Inspires compassion, forgiveness, as well as truth. Turquoise aids in manifestation. It is also good for balance, peace, and serenity. Turquoise reduces stress and is good for one’s overall well-being.

  • Spiny oyster shell is good for hope, peace of mind, and also courage. It will improve your patience and power of understanding so you can enjoy your life at a higher level. The shell also stimulates intuition, imagination, and sensitivity. It encourages joy and adaptability.